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OneFlow , powerful and simple
The core concepts of static compilation and stream parallel are put forward firstly, which solves the distributed expansion challenges of heterogeneous clusters brought by big data, big model and big computing, and has five advantages:

Full Parallel mode

High efficiency

distributed fuction is easy to use

Resource saving

Stronge stability

Onebrain helps AI enterprises grow
Provide an end-to-end intelligent data platform to enable enterprises to use AI efficiently and conveniently, focus on core business, and realize data-driven,It has three advantages:

Support machine learning and deep learning

Support big data analysis and knowledge mapping

Support heterogeneous hardware and elastic expansion
First class technology makes AI everywhere
OneFlow is a technology innovation enterprise that provides the overall solution of artificial intelligence deep learning. It is committed to building the world's leading AI infrastructure to make AI everywhere * deep learning framework * intelligent data platform * integration of software and hardware * AI cloud services“
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