OneBrain helps AI enterprises grow
OneBrain product advantages
  • End to end intelligent data platform

    It includes data upload, data preprocessing, feature engineering, model training, model evaluation and model release to offline or online environment.
  • Visual development

    Provide visual code development, workflow designer page, simple drag and development, can complete complex data analysis tasks.
  • Intelligent data construction and management

    Provide professional, efficient, safe and reliable one-stop big data intelligent platform for data integration, data development, data quality and data services.
  • Open and flexible algorithm support

    Built in statistical analysis, machine learning, deep learning algorithms commonly used by enterprises, and provide basic algorithm support for data analysis applications.Based on the serverless cloud function, the flexible encapsulation and integration of operators are realized, and the algorithm can be published to the existing algorithm library.
Onebrain product features
  • Data integration

    Support multiple data source access configuration
    Support batch and incremental synchronization of real-time and historical data
    Support any structured, unstructured, semi-structured data transmission
  • Data annotation

    Covering all kinds of voice, video, text, pictures and point cloud tools, each con-trol and shortcut key has been polished by many tasks for many years
  • Data development

    SQL intelligent editor
    It provides SQL format, intelligent complement, keyword highlight, error prompt,SQL internal structure and other humanized functions, bringing more smooth SQL development experience.Multi engine hybrid workflow, serial cross engine data node development, each type of engine data node has corresponding environment for development
  • Model training

    Support a variety of deep learning and machine learning frameworks such as
    ONEFLOW, tensorflow, pytorch, Caffe and mxnet preset environment Support distributed training model
    Tracking of parameters, codes and data supporting model training
  • Knowledge map

    Knowledge map data governance identifies all kinds of data (structured data, semi-structured data, text data, audio and video images and other unstructured data), and integrates all kinds of data into a network of people, places, events,objects, organizations and other entities as nodes, and attributes, space-time,semantics, features are linked as edges to form a knowledge map Spectrum library, which reproduces the complex relationship between real world objects, uses AI technology to let computers think" in imitation of human thinking mode, so as to accurately infer the answers to questions
  • Model release

    You can easily deploy your training model in a production environment with one click, so you can start generating predictions for real-time or batch data
    Support elastic multi replica deployment to achieve industrial high availabi-lity deployment
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